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Cozmik Cowboy
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Default Rip

Dickran Gobalian, AKA Leon Redbone, passed away today at age 69.
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Saw Redbone on his last tour. The theater seated about 200 and every seat was filled. I imagine that's the size of show Leon was accustomed to. The first time I saw him was in a college theater that seated no more than 500 - if that.

He had, by his last tour, slowed down what was never a fast paced show.

Still, a unique performer who delighted his fans to no end. It was always too early for a Redbone show to wind down and he excused himself from the stage.

There's a little piece of "entertainment" that will be missing without Leon. Glad I got to see him live.

""I've heard he's anywhere from 25 to 60," Bob Dylan told Rolling Stone in 1974, "and I can't tell, but you gotta see him." That same year, when asked about his age by Rolling Stone, Redbone replied: "Of course I don't know. It's just something I vaguely recall. I can't say for sure." In the news release announcing his death, Redbone's age was cited as 127.
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