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Default Recording on pc?

Hi.. I am playing acoustic guitar. Mostly classical and a flamenco guitar with double Fishman pick up/ microphone.

What should I buy to start recording and playing around on my laptop (Windows)?? Focusrite or Line 6 stuff or something else?? Preferably something that includes possibility of "profiling" or altering the guitar sound..

I have a Yamaha Stagepass 4i system if that could influence in some way..
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If it was me I would just buy AVS4U software and get a simple usb interface. A person can get pretty wrapped up in altering guitar sounds and waste time better spent learning guitar. But that's just me.
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I like my Focusrite Scarlett.
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I think recording oneself depends on one's goals. Are you looking to post on YouTube or just looking for something to assist practice, for example? I am not going anywhere beyond playing for my own pleasure, so I use the Sony Recording app on my phone and use it to find faults with my songs once I thing I'm getting them down. It sounds surprisingly decent when played back through ear buds. Well enough to find my areas needing improvement (vocal and guitar, and yes, it records in stereo). Obviously this is not for everyone and perhaps not for anyone save me, but I thought it worth mentioning, even in this day and age of techno-overload.
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