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Default elixirs on a martin lx?

Has anyone tried putting elixirs on their martin lx? Im trying to decide if I want to get a LX1E or a Baby Taylor. I like the treble on the Taylor but the bass isn't quite enough. But with the LX1, the martin strings just don't do it for me.

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Can't say I'm an Elixir fan. Nor can I predict what you'll like. The Elixirs do, by most people's thinking, add to the sense of top end on the Taylor. But strings are a personal choice and everyone tries out several before they decide which they want to use for awhile. Mostly, strings are cheap and they'll make a noticeable difference in the character of your guitar. Get bored with one sound, buy another with some new strings. That's just how guitar players operate.

I have owned a few Little Martins and I do prefer them over the Baby Taylors I've used. You have to realize "bass" and small guitars do not go together and any ad telling to otherwise is not telling the entire truth. Sure, I've played small guitars with impressive bass - for their size - but small guitars simply cannot compete with large dreadnoughts when it comes to punch. That's why a dreadnought exists, to be big and bold sounding.

If you want "more bass", look into slightly larger guitars than either the LXM/LX1 or the Baby Taylor. A 3/4 size guitar such as my Gretsch Jim Dandy has more bass than my LX1. It takes up only a bit more space than the LX1. My parlor sized Alavarez AP70 has more bass then does my Gretsch and my 000 Martin has more bass than the Alvarez but still less bass than my dreadnought Martin. However, what is valued in smaller bodied guitars is their overall balance of sound. Just as in a loudspeaker, bass can easily become too much and too overbearing if your interest is in hearing all of the other notes. It comes down to accepting the guitar for what it is rather than buying a guitar thinking you can immediately change it into something it's not.
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Cozmik Cowboy
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You might like Elixers - I don't. When I told my son that, no, in fact he was not taking my (then only) acoustic to college, he spent his summer earnings on an Alvarez dreadnaught, which came equipped with Elixers. He is not only a bicycle mechanic but also not enamored of washing his hands before playing, and the sort whose strings get changed pretty much when I go to visit or one breaks. He graduated with those same Elixers still on, and sounding about like they did when new - which is to say passable, but nowhere near great.
The only real advantage I can see to them is for a store; I recall how much time we spent changing strings when I worked in one.
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I use either Elixers or Martin Lifespans on my D-18 and Applause. Both very consistent long lasting strings. Don't have the short lived tone of uncoated bronze but I don't like changing strings all the time.
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