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Default A question of colour?

I just picked up my new Martin HD28 last weekend. Amazing guitar! I am so in love. It had to spend 3 months on lay-a-way at the music store, so I had a hard time remember what she looked like. From my memory and a lot of pictures that I seen here the rosewood sides always had a redish tint to them. On my the sides and back are just brown. No tint. Does Martin use different stains and colours for their rosewood? Or do the pics just look that way on screen when they are actually the same colour as mine?

It's hard to tell the colour from this picture. Regardless if it's brown, red, blue or what ever, I am proud to own. I just had to ask the question. Plus if gives me an excuse to post a pic

martin HD 28.jpg
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The wood will change color with age and exposure to sunlight.
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I think a lot of rosewood backs just look kind of redish, when photographed.
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Have good success with your new instrument. The Martin 28 series will always remain a standard for others to meet. They are certainly one of my favorite guitars and I'm still jealous of my grad school friend who had purchased a pre-war D28 back when you could pick one up used for a few hundred dollars.

The rules of photography predict the final image will depend upon the lighting conditions when the photo is taken. If the camera and monitor have been adjusted to RGB standards and, with a digital camera no "parameters" have been included in the processing, the actual color balance of the image will shift with various light sources. Given the proliferation of enhancements which can be included in any photo processing, the likelyhood any image taken by anyone less than a professional photographer will be an actual representation of color is very slim. Catalog images will show the best of what the studio had to pick from and then illuminate the image for the most atrractive results. So consider Martin probably looked at a few dozen guitars and provided the studio with the most dramatically figured guitar in the bunch for their catalog/magazine promotions.

The wood itself will vary quite a bit from one piece to another from the same log. Sap woods are a different color than are the outer rings and, when building an instrument, the woodworker will select the woods for their sonic values first and their visual impact second. Even the manner in which the log is sawn will alter the final product. All of this is what makes your HD28 unlike any other ever built.

Woods and varnishes will change color slightly with age and exposure to UV which is what provides the patina of a vintage instrument. Since a guitar is a combination of parts, it is for most players the sounds created by the guitar which are judged to be most important. No one is likely to pick an ugly instrument but the appearance of the guitar is often secondary when we select "THE" guitar we want to own. The HD28 is, for many players, the epitome of "guitar" and the expressions a talented player can extract from the woods of this guitar are what matter. You have a guitar many of us would very much like to own. Play it as you listen to it open up and mature with age and grace. Any HD28 is worth more than any photo can explain.
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