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Default Hello everyone.

Hello everyone. It's nice to be here. To be honest, I used to have another account here but I couldn't recall what username/email I used. So I am starting over.

I own a beautiful Martin HD-28. I am keeping it out of it's case during the fall and winter months. It's on a very nice stand in my basement/studio. Is this safe? I am keeping the temperature steady. I honestly don't recall the rules of humidity and acoustic guitars.

Also, will leaving my Martin HD-28 out of its case help enhance that beautiful rose color these guitars take on with age?

Thank you and it's nice to be here again.
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How to store your guitar is really personal opinion. You will play a guitar more frequently when it sits on a stand. Yet, it is more difficult to control the environment in which the guitar resides when you leave a guitar on a stand.

If you prefer to leave the guitar out as I do, then you must deal with the changes in humidity which come with modern HVAC systems. Soundhole humidifiers do a good job here though they will require some attention every few days in the house with forced air heating. Now, if you are using forced heat from century old radiators, nothing much to worry about. Most of us have more efficient ways to heat and cool or homes and these bring with them challenges for the guitar owner.

Keep your guitar stand towards the center of the room and not toward an outside wall. Wall hangers are great for space but do not mount them on exterior facing walls. Try to place your stand in a position where heated air will not be blowing directly on the guitar as this will tend to be the driest air.

If you do not yet have a hygrometer, buy one. Almost any $10-20 one will do since you have a fairly broad range of 40-60% relative humidity in the area surrounding your guitars. I've seen people argue over the accuracy of hygrometers and advocate spending hundreds of dollars for a model with +/- 0.5% greater accuracy. Given the wide range of allowable humidity levels, any meter with a +/- range within a few % points really is fine. Keeping an eye on the limits of that range is, IMO, worth your time only if you have some way to compensate for highs and lows in the range.

In case humidifiers are rather easy to control if you remember to check the hygrometer. Otherwise, relying on humidifers and de-humifiers for a whole room or a whole house is your alternate option.

My personal bit of caution regarding stands is ... pets. And, if they are in your house, small children. Neither comprehends the value of a nice guitar.

I have two rather small but noticeable scratches in one of my guitars simply because I'd left it out on a stand. She'd never bothered the guitar in years but one day my small dog must have become agitated and went directly to the guitar to express her displeasure with me.

Of course, larger male dogs are an entirely different discussion.

Other dangers exist when small things have unfettered access to your guitar. If you wish to leave the instrument on a stand, you might want to make sure its not easily accessible to those members of the household who could potentially change your mind about stands.
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Welcome back.Good advice there. If you keep your house humidity and temperature in the range most humans prefer your guitar should be happy. Not sure about Rosewood but the spruce to will turn darker and orange with exposure to sunlight. It has been called tanning .I usually keep one of mine on a wall hook for those inspirational moments, nothing worse than unpacking just to try a little something out.
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"Not sure about Rosewood but the spruce to will turn darker and orange with exposure to sunlight."

UV exposure actually.

No need for direct sunlight, bad for the wood actually. Just have the guitar in a well lit room across from a window - away from any direct sunlight falling on that area - and nature will do the rest.
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color, martin

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