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Default Should I return this guitar?

I bought a Martin DCPA5K guitar on the weekend. I'm a little concerned with the setup that it came with. I feels nice in my hands, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of wiggle room for future adjustments as the saddle is really low.

Here's an album where I get into it: Martin DCPA5K - Imgur

Should I return this and buy another one or something different for the price? Or should I play the shit out of it and hope that Martin's warranty will save me later?
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Saddle height adjustments on acoustics are a last resort .The angle the strings break over it is what gives them the leverage to drive the top. As a rule the truss rod adjustment and nut height is usually sufficient to keep most acoustic guitars playing quite well for years. With an electric while I would not say any of the tone comes from the bridge to body connection most does come from the string to pickup and string height is more of an ease of use or just preference adjustment. Unless your guitar is used and someone has already sanded down the saddle . That new of a guitar should be able to be setup or resetup by an experienced person for a small additional investment. After looking at the pix I think an electric player has already sanded that one down. I would have a new one put on and the neck adjusted. Other than that I would say if you got a good price you got a goodern' enjoy
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If that guitar plays without fret buzz set that low I would say it has an amazing neck and the frets are leveled exceptionally.
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Cozmik Cowboy
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Any decent luthier can carve a new saddle.
Saddle replacement does not affect warranty.
It "feels nice" now, with a really low action.
If the action is too low for your taste, a new, compensated bone saddle, carved by a pro, is about $35 away.

I fail to see a problem here. Unless the guitar is a dog tonewise, play it & love it.
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bridge, martin, neck, saddle, setup

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