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Default Anyone familiar with Wayne Henderson guitars?

Help! All advice and input welcome. I received this beautiful guitar as a gift over 10 years ago. I took a few lessons then and tried again a few years later and never learned more than the basics. A few close friends of mine have played it and all loved loved it. Its even been played by a well known country singer at a show or two as well as a few of the guys from a legendary little southern rock band when they would stop in to see my dad and his friends, they all wanted to buy it but then it wasn't for sale nor did I have any intention of ever selling it. It hasn't been touched in over a year now except when I dust it off and tune it up every so often. I feel like id be crazy to let it go but also feel crazy for keeping it. I don't want to miss out on some big fortune down the road. But, I feel like this is an instrument meant to be played and heard and by someone who can appreciate it much more than I can. So do I hang onto it and keep it as a family heirloom to pass down to further generations (of probably. ....not musicians :-/ ) or sell it so myself and someone else will benefit from it?
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I have never had the priviledge of playing one of Wayne's guitars, but they are legendary. Last I heard his waiting list was over a decade - in part because if a kid down the road mentions he'd like to play guitar, Wayne will stop what he's doing & build him one.
I saw a vid where he said he'd probably sell the guitar he was working on then for $2-3000.
I've seen them used at Gruhn & Mandolin Bros. for $40,000; there's one on right now for $14,000.
I think it would make a fine heirloom, and agree that guitars should be played - and since you don't play, I'd be happy to hold it for a few decades until you're ready to pass it on......
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Up to you, you probably will never have an opportunity to own a guitar of that caliber again. If you are sure you will never put it to use or your family then cash it in, who couldn't use some money right? If it were me I would keep it and play it and hand it down to my kids or grandkids.
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It appears the maker is still alive and still in business. His guitars do seem to have a legend built around them and they command respectable prices.

I would contact Henderson and ask his advice. A 10 year old model may have some mojo that isn't in his brand new guitars and he might be able to hook you up with a buyer. At the very least, should you decide to keep the guitar for now, he can advise you on the best maintenance program for the guitar to keep a fine instrument in tip top condition. If you decide to keep the guitar for the time being, he can, if you care to, also go over the guitar and give you the best appraisal of its condition.

IMO it's not about the money in this case, it's about the guitar. If you are not a player, you will never truly appreciate what this guitar represents. You would be just as happy with a very nice Martin D18/D28 as you would this guitar.

By allowing it to sit you are ignoring it to some extent. Ignoring a guitar is asking for a problem with a guitar. It would be a shame if something happened to the guitar and a bit of music history was all but lost to future generations.

If the guitar's neck began to shift or warp, a non-player would never notice until it was far too serious a problem and required major disassembly of the guitar to return it to a playable condition. This is a common story with vintage guitars and there's no reason to allow it to happen to a very fine instrument.

Contact Henderson and tell him the particulars. If nothing else, I'm sure he would love to hear about one his early builds and who has played and appreciated it.
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for sale, one of a kind, sell or keep, wayne henderson

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