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Default Things to consider before buying vintage

Most people on this forum are aware of this but some may not be.If you are considering purchasing a pre 1986 Martin you might want to investigate some of the costs of owning one of these.It is not always going to be a money making investment.These older models do not have adjustable truss rods so when the action starts getting high it can be expensive to have the neck reset .This requires removing the neck and reshaping the dovetail joint and regluing the neck.The inclination to just file down the bridge will give some relief but the tone and volume will suffer.The pickgaurds were attached to the tops before the finish was applied and the plastic used back in the day was not very stable and will shrink and pull loose over time and often will split the top.These are the problems I have encountered so far and I am sure there will be others to look forward to.These are normal occurances and not poor craftsmanship or limited to vintage Martins.Luckily I have the resources and access to a good luthier and for me the cost is well worth it.But for someone who really has to scrimp and save to invest your hard earned coin in a vintage treasure only to find out it will require a huge investment in repair to make it or keep it playable is kind of rough.There are some folks that will patch an old guitar and palm it off on an unsuspecting person so as not to loose thier money.Just please be carefull and if in doubt either get someone to check your prospective purchase out or pass.Sorry if I bummed you out ,buyer beware .
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