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Default Is my new martin faulty - gap between binding and side wood

Hi, I'm new to the forum and also to owning a Martin guitar and would appreciate some advice.
I bought a new OM 21 a week ago and am concerned it may have a fault. The binding doesn't sit tight against the side wood but there's a small gap that shows white wood all round:see pic.

I'd like to know if anyone else has come across this and if it's considered normal build quality.
The fact that there were some marks in the lacquer on the back which the salesman said were likely due to the guitar getting hot whilst on a stand, and the fact that the top was orange where another new OM top was white leads me to suspect there could have been shrinkage due to the guitar being exposed to excessive heat.
Any ideas?
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Just to begin with let me say that if this is a brand new guitar and you aren't completely satisfied, I urge you to take it back to the dealer sooner than later. It's hard to gauge the severity of the problem from your one photo, but the most important thing is that it bothers you and you're not content with your brand new guitar.

However, I just gave a close inspection to my 2012 D-18 which is made of the exact same materials as your OM-21 and I did detect slight evidence of the sort of thing you are seeing, though mine was less apparent.

To me, this does not seem to be a situation of "bare wood" showing, because the bare solid mahogany, even if unstained would not be white.

My observation is that this is probably a place where there is a slight gap between the binding and the wood allowing a bit of the cured wood glue to show.

It could also be a build up of polish residue in the small gap.

Both could create the whiteness you're seeing.

Now, this much said ... my guitar only has very slight traces of the problem and until you mentioned it, I hadn't even noticed it for the past three years.

If yours is more obvious and it bothers you, then you should seek redress through your dealer directly and Martin indirectly.

BTW: The new OM-21 (like the new D-18) has a special "aging toner" applied at the factory to the top giving it a somewhat vintage orange tint.

Re: the marks in the lacquer on the back that the salesman attributes to "getting too hot while sitting out on the stand" are a different story. This is damage that occurred in the store. If I accepted the guitar at all, this would constitute grounds for expecting a discount on a new guitar.


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No need to post the same question on separate sections of the forum. I've responded to your post at your second location.

We both agree you need to deal with the retailer first.

And, yes, if you had been aware of marks on the guitar at the time of purchase, you should have made the store aware of the fact at that time.

I also would have had to ask the salesperson just how hot a guitar has to get to leave such marks. And, if this is a new guitar, how did the shop allow the temperature to rise to such an unacceptable point.

I do think you were fed a line of BS. I'm not sure I would have done business with a shop that is so cavalier about the treatment of their merchandise. No matter the price they offered.

And, if they offered a great discount and you accepted the guitar based on that discount, you do not have the right to complain about the condition of the guitar now.

If you had discussed the marks at the time of purchase, then you would have been within your rights to either ask for another guitar of the same make and model - even if you had to wait for one to be shipped - or to receive a discount on the purchase of that particular guitar. You are not really within your rights to ask for a discount on another guitar. Or even a guitar you've had in your possession for a week's time. You needed to deal with this at the time of purchase.

As I've stated in my other post, you accepted the guitar in this condition and said you were OK with it. Martin has no responsibility to resolve this issue. If the dealer cares to, that's to your advantage. If they don't, they are within their rights also.

You said you would accept the guitar as delivered.
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Larry Robbins
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The marks on the back are more than likely a reaction from the rubber on the guitar stand. Lacquers sometime react with cheap rubber on guitar stands. Its a chemical thing, not a temperature thing. Some finishes like polys will not. They should know better than to keep such a nice guitar on a cheap stand. I f they don't know any better, I would not do any future business with them. Check with Martin...I am sure they will tell you the same thing. A good Luthier may be able to buff them out...maybe. Good luck and either way enjoy your guitar.
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Default Gap

Can you take some better pic's and post them? That actually looks like it could be some dried out cleaning solution or wax? The image is a bit blurred so can't really tell from that.
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